Our quality charter

Certification of promotional information activity

In October 2014, LEEM and CEPS signed the new Information Charter through canvassing or prospecting aimed at promoting medicines. This regulates the promotion practices of pharmaceutical laboratories. Following the publication of this charter, HAS published a new certification reference system in 2017.

The Laboratoire des Granions , operating pharmaceutical company, has undertaken to comply with this charter and has been certified for its medical examination activity since November 2008.

Our certificate guarantees the compliance of our organization with the certification reference system. This is renewed every 3 years and its maintenance is confirmed each year, by carrying out an audit by an independent certifying body accredited by HAS.

Certification has three objectives:

  • Improve the quality of promotional information received by health professionals, in order to promote the proper use of drugs,
  • Guarantee the respect of ethical and deontological rules by the people carrying out canvassing and promotion activities,
  • Ensure the training and development of these people.

Quality Policy for promotional information

The management of Laboratoire des Granions is committed to carrying out its promotional activity in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force, in particular the Public Health Code, the Charter of the by canvassing or prospecting aimed at promoting drugs, and the HAS certification reference system, and by applying a continuous improvement approach.

This desire translates into a quality policy that reflects our commitment.

The quality system of the Laboratoire des Granions and beyond the EA PHARMA group is based on 3 pillars:

  • A quality policy which fixes the commitment of the Management.
  • A quality and procedures manual , which describes the organization and processes of the entire group, and those related to the medical examination .
  • monitoring tools : quality indicators, carrying out internal audits, carrying out a survey by certification cycle (1 every 3 years) with doctors to check the quality of the information provided and the compliance of practices.

The quality system implemented thus aims to guarantee the quality of the information delivered to healthcare professionals and the compliance of our promotional practices.

For any comments on the quality of the medical examination, the Laboratoire des Granions provides healthcare professionals with an electronic mailbox: qualite@ea-pharma.com .