Who are we?

The Laboratoire des Granions® belongs to the French group EA Pharma, which was formed from the merger of Equilibre Attitude, the Laboratoire des Granions and the Laboratoire Merle, and became a specialist in the production and distribution of medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

The GRANIONS expertise can be found in 3 distinct ranges:

  • The GRANIONS [Oligotherapy] range
    Since its creation in 1948, the Laboratoire des Granions® has been a major player in oligotherapy. The Laboratory designs, develops, produces and markets pharmaceutical specialities made up of trace elements. It is unique for the particular approach it takes: it offers trace elements in a drinking solution, in their unitary form, i.e. one trace element per ampoule.
  • The GRANIONS [Les Essentiels] range
    In 2012, the Laboratoire des Granions® extended its pharmaceutical knowlegde and expertise to innovative active ingredients that are widely recognized for their benefits, all the while being in line with the latest scientific progress, in order to provide a targeted and personalised effect to suit every kind of organism. 
  • The GRANIONS [Health] range
    A complete range of food supplements to help tackle daily health issues. These supplements are associations of specific nutrients (plants, trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids, ...) chosen for their synergistic action and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.